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Eat it every day and have a better way to cook it.

Children can safely eat our rice and 100% Japanese rice is grown by low-agrochemical farmers.

Our rice is 100% Japanese rice, grown by low-agrochemical farmers. In addition, we handle rice that has passed strict radioactive tests by the Japanese government and our company, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind.  Also, we have the only Japanese Sommelier in Singapore (American and taste expert), so we will answer all questions regarding rice.


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Niigata Koshihikari

Niigata Koshihikari rice is famous for having the highest quality rice in Japan.

Koshihikari grown in the blessed natural environment of Niigata Prefecture's granary area "Shibata City(新発田市)", with beautiful and abundant water and weather conditions with a large temperature difference between day and night. It is a brand that you can enjoy the taste of rice.

We have carefully selected rice from the winners of the Shibata Delicious Rice Contest.

Taste★★★★   Aroma★★★   Sticky★★★★

2kg: $18
5kg: $44
10kg: $85

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Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi

Light taste, less sticky with great natural rice fragrance you may not ever seen in SG. Keep good taste even after gets cold. It is Best match for Fish/Sushi, so most of Hokkaido Sushi chef using it. 
Produced by Mr. Naruse Niseko,Hokkaido *Pre-Organic rice 
Taste★★★   Aroma★★★★★   Sticky★★★


★TAWARAYA's How To Cook Rice★

We share the cooking rice points of Brown rice, 50% polished rice, 70% polished rice and White rice for you!

This is normal steps for cooking rice. 1 Wash the rice few times → 2 Soak the rice few hours → 3 Cook the rice few minutes

■For Brown rice

Please soak them at least 30 mins ~ 4 hours. 

And put about 20% more water and it will be 120 % water in the rice cooker totally.

■For 50% Polish Rice

Please soak them at least 30 mins ~ 3 hours.

And put about 20% more water and it will be 120 % water in the rice cooker totally.

■For 70% Polish Rice

Please soak them at least 30 mins ~ 2 hours.

And put about 10% more water and it will be 110 % water in the rice cooker totally.

■For White Rice

Please soak them at least 30 mins ~ 1 hours.


*It depends on the rice cooker type and some rice cooker are for Thai rice. 

*If you feel the water is much or less, please adjust it.

*What is Rice Bran? →This is brown rice skin powder after we polish rice.

You can use this for cooking, baking and pickling vege. No need put this for steaming rice.

☺We give Tawaraya's Secret Cooking Rice Instruction  when you purchace! 


★What is Rice Bran?★

The rice bran is the outer part of brown rice and is a powder that is produced when polishing brown rice.

It is rich in nutrients such as B vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and more.

Recent research is expected to have effects such as prevention of cancer, blood clots, arteriosclerosis, and fatty liver, prevention and improvement of brain activation and chills.

It also has the effect of activating metabolism.

We will introduce how to make rice bran to eat,

Please check the Rice Bran Recipe below.


★Rice Bran Recipe★
We will introduce how to make rice bran to eat,which has high nutritional value and can be expected to reduce constipation and diet.
◎Roasted Rice Bran
Roast as soon as you receive it to prevent oxidation.Use up the roasted bran in about a week.
Put rice bran in a frying pan and heat. (No oil, medium heat)Please mix well with a wooden spatula to avoid burning.When you roast it for 2 to 3 minutes, the color will change and it will have a fragrant scent.Then it’s done.Allow to cool, then transfer to a storage container and store in the refrigerator.
It can be mixed with stewed dishes such as curry and stew, spaghetti meat sauce,yogurt, soy milk, milk, etc. as it is and eaten.
◎100% Rice Bran Pound Cake
MaterialRice bran: 50gEgg: 1Sugar: 30gMargarine (or butter, olive oil): 20gBaking powder: 5gSoy milk (or milk): 50cc
1) Mix the margarine and sugar first, then add the eggs and mix2) Put sugar, rice bran and baking powder in it and mix3) Add soy milk4) Put in a heat-resistant container, microwave 500W for 4 minutes
◎ Steamed rice bran bread with microwave
Ingredients (for one mug)Roasted bran: 35gWater: 35gBaking powder: A little scooped with a teaspoon (about 1/5)Salt: a littleSugar, Instant coffee, etc.: as much as you likeCocoa, cinnamon, etc.: appropriate amount
1) Put rice bran and baking powder (Sugar, Instant coffee, Cocoa, Cinnamon etc.) in a mug and mix.2) Add water and mix well.3) Sprinkle a little salt on it.4) 2 minutes in a 600w microwave oven. (Be careful not to spill)
If you need rice bran,please change to “Yes”, from “Do you need rice bran? (Only for customers who order rice)” on the purchase/checkout page.
※Rice bran is usually 100g-200g/1 bag.

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Hokkaido Yumepirika

Quite famous in Japan and best grade rice from Hokkaido.Looks like white shiny snow. This Yumepirka from Niseko is all growing with natural water comes from Yoteizan(羊蹄山) which is called Fuji Mountain at Hokkaido.  Please Eat as is, you feel natural full flavour of rice as New Experience to your taste. You can get it only @ TAWARAYA in SG!! Produced by Mr. Naruse/Ota Niseko,Hokkaido ※Pre-Organic Rice 
Taste★★★★★   Aroma★★★★   Sticky★★★★★

2kg: $27
5kg: $64
10kg: $119

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South-Uonuma Koshihikari

Greatest Japanese rice that every Japanese knows the best Rice from "South-UONUMA", Niigata(新潟 南魚沼). Special natural cultivate way and clean environment makes such a Jewel rice like "Pearl". We proudly provide you with Tawaraya premium quality. Produced by Okubo Farm, South-Uonuma ※Pre-Organic rice 
Taste★★★★★   Aroma★★★★★   Sticky★★★★

2kg: $31
5kg: $72
10kg: $127

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(Super Organic) Nagano Kamiakari

Kamiakari is improved for eating Brown rice with limited only 5 farmers allow to growth in Japan because of hard to maintain.
Biggest Embryo part Contain Vitamin. Mineral for <anti- oxidant/boost immunity> are 3-4 times than normal.
soft texture and natural sweet rice taste as new experience brown rice.  (cook same way from another rice)
making our Tawaraya own farm with strict natural harvest (Organic, No pesticide & no fertilizer)
How to do  natural harvest?
Hand pick weed/insect, Good care/plow farm for bringing out natural soil power.

<Safety/Healthy/Tasty> all complete ultimate Best Brown rice from Japan Nature.

Natural Rice Agriculture professional,Dr. Hosoya recommend.
It's for all maintain daily health care,  Brown rice lover & beginner of eating.

2kg: $45
5kg: $105
10kg: $198

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Organic Hyogo Kouno-Tori Rice

The rice comes the place with No pesticide, no chemical fertilizer with Natural Organic agriculture method. what is more, the place adopted (Grobal-GAP), for national strict agricultural rule, it means the most safety rice for human, animal and environment. (It is only the place in Japan and first time to export)
Taste★★★★★   Aroma★★★★★   Sticky★★★★★



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Hokkaido Hakucho Mochi Rice

Hokkaido is most famous place to make glutinous rice(糯米) in Japan. Our fresh one is good for making Rice-cake & Rice-dumplings wrapped in bamboo-leaves「粽」. Please enjoy taste & health perfection with our rice. Producted by Furen(風連), Hokkaido
*Pre-Organic rice

2kg: $27
5kg: $64
10kg: $119

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16 Grain rice all product of Japan

Blending 16 kinds of multi grains (All made in Japan)  and carefully balancing its flavour, appearance, and texture, 16 multi grains rice is delicious and easy to be included in your daily diet. The product contains nutrients; fibre, vitamin sand minerals from barley, glutinous millet, glutinous foxtail millet and soy beans making it easy to maintain a healthy diet.

200g: $16

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First order limited! Hokkaido rice 4kg set

Light taste&less sticky[Nanatsuboshi](ななつぼし)
Gold medal,best grade sweetness[Yumepirika](ゆめぴりか)
both of rice are from Hokkaido selected in special farms.
Now you can order the 4KG set(2KG each) with Special limited price!
You can select polishing rate same for both
We are sure their special taste is new experience to you!

4kg set: $39

How to choose rice

For a table

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It features the deliciousness of rice grains that are cooked plumply.

We provide "safe and stable deliciousness" for everyday meals.


Hokkaido Yumepirika

You can choose the polishing rate and weight of your rice. Please choose the polishing rate of your rice from the dropdown menu below.
・White rice
・70% polished away
・50% polished away
・Brown ricePlease choose the weight of your rice from the dropdown menu below.
・2kg: $27
・5kg: $64
・10kg: $119


Niigata Koshihikari

You can choose the polishing rate and weight of your rice. Please choose the polishing rate of your rice from the dropdown menu below.
・White rice
・70% polished away
・50% polished away
・Brown ricePlease choose the weight of your rice from the dropdown menu below.
・2kg: $18
・5kg: $44
・10kg: $85