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Thank you very much for your order for our rice.

I am in charge of the quality and rice milling management of Tawaraya Singapore. My name is Yuichi Sato. We are confident that the rice we have delivered will satisfy your taste.

The following is a long passage, but I would like to talk about our background and our obsession with Japanese rice.

Tawaraya was established in Hong Kong in 2008.

In Hong Kong, where food is abundant, meat, vegetables, and seafood are best served in both taste and freshness, and if there were chefs who knew Japanese taste well, they could reproduce Japanese taste. But something is missing...

They didn't have enough delicious Japanese rice.

Japanese rice was born after the tireless efforts of farmers, so to describe, the crystal of technology, and the taste and flavor of the rice does not turn yellow even after it has cooled down, and what is called Japanese rice.

Of course, the department store was lined with rice imported from Japan, and some restaurants were particular about using Japanese rice imported directly by airmail. However, I couldn't find rice that I was satisfied with the difference in taste, quality and freshness from when I ate in Japan.

In this situation, we started our company as the first Japanese specialty store overseas, and it was a chance to "eat what I really think is safe and delicious."

In order to directly purchase safe and delicious rice from Japanese farmland and farmers, which we can understand, we traveled across the country and repeated the tasting process.

At first, many people even said, "It is hard to accept cheap rice overseas." "It's a reckless challenge." I was able to meet with strong farmers and partners from all over the country, including Naruse of Niseko Town, Hokkaido, and Okubo of Nanko Nanku, Niigata. Beautiful water, air, soil, and above all, with passion, we work to make rice, and we spread the goodness of "made-in-Japan rice" all over the world together. Amid the enthusiastic support of Japanese farmers, "Tawaraya rice" was the only one that carefully selected the highest-quality, low-agrochemical special cultivation (radioactivity-checked) brown rice.

"The best rice grown in Japan in the world is the best."

Rice is a living thing, breathing like humans. Instead of enabling long-term storage, we chose to import unpolished rice in a dedicated low-temperature container to keep the rice in an optimal environment (18°C) and store it in a similar low-temperature warehouse.

Then, according to each order and delivery date, we refine rice at our own rice mill.A skilled Japanese rice polisher has been able to deliver rice to you in the best condition for both freshness and quality by packing rice according to the conditions of the day's temperature and humidity. We put this "old rice shop" style into practice for the first time overseas.

This uncompromising process supports the quality of the rice.

This time, we have already received the same attention as Hong Kong because we want to eat more delicious Japanese rice worldwide. In both countries, we have selected Japanese restaurants that are particular about more than 150 restaurants.

*We are currently opening stores in Taiwan and Hawaii, and are planning to open stores in other countries, mainly in Asia

If you can feel the taste and vitality of Japan through Japanese-made and carefully selected Japanese food and sake that I have just received, I would be more than happy.

We are proud and proud of the quality of "Tawaraya rice."Finally, the customers themselves are the ones who purchase the rice and preserve it at home. Please be especially careful about storing in Singapore, which is hot and humid. If you keep it in the fridge, it will be mildew proof and insect proof, it will reduce the deterioration of the flavor, and you will be able to enjoy it for a longer time than our best-before date of milling.(Tawaya recommends putting rice in an empty plastic bottle and keeping it in the refrigerator.)

If you have any other questions or questions about rice, including how to cook deliciously, please feel free to contact our specialist staff, including our exclusive rice sommelier Rice and Taste Expert. I would like to offer you accurate advice as a table making partner with the motto of "the usual table, the smiling face, and the usual Tawaraya rice."

We are still growing. I think there are many things that can't be reached.If you have any comments, needs to be improved, or if you have any requests for products, please contact us by e-mail, Facebook, or telephone. I would like to do my best to grow with you and provide you with more "delicious rice."

Thank you very much for reading the long message. Please enjoy the rice we received at the barber shop while it's fresh. We hope you will continue to look forward to your continued support.

  Managing Director  Yuichi Sato



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Company name Wakka Singapore Private Limited

2nd Sep 2011

Capital USD 150,000
Address 15 Jalan Tepong #03-03 Jurong Food Hub Singapore 619336
TEL 9061-6524
Operating hour Mon to Fri 9:30-17:00 (Day off for Public Holiday)
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