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Total delivery of over 100,000.

Why TAWARAYA has been chosen?

  • 俵屋が選ばれ続ける理由
    Rice Select from Best farmer
    in Japan

    Not like normal super market sales rice, Organic/lower chemical fertilizer usage rice From Best Farm & Farmer.
  • sec1 p3Japan Official Rice Sommelier
    There is the Rice Sommelier appointed Michelin Guide  as your best table partner. Polishing Rice daily for Freshness in SG.
  • sec1 p2Delivery to your home
    We can delivery freshness Rice to your door steps with designated timing.

How to choose delicious rice?

The way of eating is different for each rice.

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For Table

It is characterized by its puffy flavor, which provides a "satisfactory taste" for daily meals.
-Niigata Koshihikari
-Hokkaido Yumepirika

Selected by Rice Professional.

Pickup product of this month.

  • koshihikariNigata Koshihikari
  • sec3 p4Hokkaido Nanatuboshi
  • kome12Organic Hyogo Kouno-Tori Rice
  • sec3 p516 grain rice all product of Japan

For Restaurant in Singapore.

We can deliver rice sample for you.

Aren't you giving up on providing delicious rice because you can't get high-quality Japanese rice, which is the life of Japanese food, or because the rice cooking staff is difficult to train? Tawaraya offers direct store delivery of high-quality Japanese rice to individual customers.
We will also teach your staffs how to cook.