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No-Additive [(鶴醤)Tsuru-bishio]Organic Soy sauce -500ml

natural soy soy sauce tsurubishio

No-Additive [(鶴醤)Tsuru-bishio]Organic Soy sauce -500ml

Tawaraya Proudly provide best of best soy sauce from Kagawa prefacture,shoudo-island(香川県 小豆島), Japan,

called [Tsuru-biShio(鶴醤)] It is using totally natural ingredients.

Use selected bean/wheat,salt only(NO any artificial things)
and takes JPN traditional way to make it,total more than 4 years.

Mild fragrance and deep taste, and good for your body.
It is Just soy sauce but Your dish will drastically change!!

Expiry term: 2 Years before open (Keep fridge after open)

Ingredients: Soy(specialty selected), Hokkaido Wheat, Sea salt, all Natural/Organic made in Japan
You can choose the number of bottles.
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1 bottle(500ml):S$24


Staff Review

Richest soy sause.

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