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TAKARA Hokkaido Scallop mixed rice seasoning 2packs set

帆立めしの素 528x352

TAKARA Hokkaido Scallop miced rice seasoning 2packs set

Delicious Hokkaido scallops Takikomi Gohan (Pre-packaged ingredients for making mixed rice) is newly introduced.

TAKARA is a long-established Tsukudani (Pickles with boiled down in soy sauce) store in Shodoshima, Kagawa Prefecture that focuses on ingredients.
The product of the store is a limited quantity first appearance in Singapore!

Using Traditional Soy Sauce from Shodo Island Kagawa Prefecture,Premium Hokkaido Scallops and Dried Seaweed Soup Stocks as a secret ingredient!
Very good with our selected Japanese rice! Please enjoy luxurious Kamameshi at home! Very easy to cook!
You just mix this seasoning with washed rice and steam it!

230g 2packs set:S$24


Staff Review

First foray into Singapore! Please appreciate the luxurious gem you cannot taste anywhere else!

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