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No-Additive [(ぽん酢) Ponzu] Organic Ponzu sauce -500ml <Zeitaku Ponzu>


No-Additive [(ぽん酢) Ponzu] Organic Ponzu sauce -500ml <Zeitaku Ponzu>

From Kagawa-pref, Shodo-isrand(香川県・小豆島) very small island Yamarok Soy Sauce

who received acclaim at our shop,No chemical seasoning,

No preservatives, natural brewing "Ponzu" has newly arrived.
Ingredients: Preserved brewed soy sauce using organic soybeans (including soybeans and wheat),

Sudachi (citrus fruit similar to a lime) and Yuzu (12% extra use), Tanegashima sugar.
In fact this is not ordinary ponzu but it is a little luxurious ponzu!

Because it is a flavourful taste which contains "Yuzu" and "Sadachi" fruit juice more than usual ponzu.

Of course chemical seasoning, preservatives are not used.

Best much for Steamboat, Nabe(Japanese hot pot) ,Shabu shabu, Yakiniku, salad, dumplings and more…

Truly very best Japan taste for you.Detail(Japanese)
Expiry term: 1 Year (Keep fridge after open)
Flavouring material: Sōda shaving section (kelp from Hokkaido)
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1 bottle(500ml):S$24


Staff Review

Natural Yuzu flavor Ponzu!!
Best for Hot pot.

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