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Japanese Sake

【Organic Sake】Junmai Ginjo Kiseki no Sake 720ml


【Organic Sake】

Junmai Ginjo Kiseki no Sake 720ml

Junmai Ginjo sake from Okayama using Organic sake rice “Omachi” by Natural cultivation.

Has similar with peach flavor and tastes Umami of rice.

This sake was awarded “Kura Master 2019 Gold” in French by French judge.

They control sake rice field thoroughly by themselves same as Bio Wine.

That’s why it is said that this sake is good for your body. Please try our organic sake!

Polishing rate : 55%

Brewery    : Kikuchi Shuzo (Okayama)

Sake Box           : None 

1 bottle:S$74


Staff Review

This is the organic sake is brewed by handmade carefully with Natural cultivation.


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