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Japanese Sake

【Limited 】Dassai Togai 30 720ml

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【Limited 】Dassai Togai 30 720ml

Limited brew edition of Dassai, hard to find even in Japan! Limited brew edition of Dassai, hard to find even in Japan!

"Dassai Togai" is literally a Sake made from ungraded rice(Togai rice). There are grades of sake rice such as 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and ungraded(Togai). It is classified according to the way rice grains are aligned and the degree of transparency. Togai rice was considered unsuitable as liquor rice, but Asahi Shuzo, which purchases all Yamadanishiki Sake rice from contract farmers, smelt Togai rice at 30%. They created a delicious sake that is said to be comparable to Junmai Daiginjo. This Sake has a rich aroma and sweetness, and the deep taste of Dassai.

Sake Box : None


1 bottle:S$85
12 bottle set:S$848


Staff Review

The most famous sake in Japan.

Definitely delicious with a rich aroma taste.


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