【Fruity Aroma and Sharpness Taste】Takumi Daiginjo 720ml


Established 1918, Kyohime brewery located Kyoto/Fushimi and brewery ONLY Ginjo Sake with all hand made.Using most famous & premium sake rice “Yamada-Nishiki from Hyogo” Selected 100%.
The sweet aroma and richness are well balanced and easy to drink, so it is also recommended for women and beginners of Japanese sake.
Takumi goes well with not only Japanese food, but also French Italian and other international cuisine.

Takumi Daiginjo was awarded a gold prize by “The Fine SAKE Awards Japan”.
More and more people enjoy Sake in wine glasses now, and that situation is often seen as one of the new ways to enjoy Sake.
By drinking Sake with wine glasses, you could enjoy not only the taste but also the delicate flavor and color that sake has.
Please try it.

Polishing rate: 50%
SMV    : +2
Brewery    : Kyohime-Shuzo (Kyoto/Fishimi)

Sake Box : None

Please keep in a refrigerator after open.

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・1 bottle: $60

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