Order Instruction

Way of order

– No annual fee

– Easy to order from Web or Call with your Mobile number.

– Promotion for only member.

– Happy Birthday present (When you order on your birthday month)

How to register Membership

Register when you order by Web/Call.


You can select Convenient delivery day.(After 2 business day) and time as following.

(1) 9am to 14pm

(2) 14 to 18pm 

(3) 18 to 21pm (Not available on Saturday)

★No delivery Sunday & Public Holiday.

We will polish brown rice away to White rice here in SG. 

  Available Super Fresh Rice at Home!


– COD Cash/Cheque

– Bank transfer

– Credit card (Paypal)

Web Order

Please order using our Web site,

Also We are pleased to have your Order from Call or mail 

Tel: 9061-6524 (Mon to Fri 9:30 – 17:00)  Mail: Order@tawaraya.com.sg

Polishing Rate

Brown rice

Contain maximum
Nutrition for health

50% Polishing away

Better digestice than brown rice
Enough Nutrition

70% Polishing away

Close to White rice taste
Try first step of brown rice

White rice

Polish In SG Just before Delivery
The freshness makes special flavor!

*Please select polishing rate from above 4 kinds. What is more, you can get Fresh Rice Bran (polishing Rice powder, nutrition part) for free!!


■Best Quality Guaranteed!!Tawaraya Rice try-out System
Pls check our rice quality with your eyes. If not good, call us with the reason in 1 week. With full of refund or exchange all.