【Clear finish with Refreshing fruits flavor】Koshino Karoku Junmai Ginjo 720ml with a box


The very rare Koshino Karoku(越乃鹿六)
Junmai-Ginjo(純米吟醸) from Niigata, Japan.

Using 100% Natural mountain spring water and
own farmed special sake rice.
the taste is very clear KARA-KUCHI
like water then brilliant fruity taste(旨味) comes in your mouth.
It is best for serving chilled status, with Meat or seafood dishes.
[美味しんぼ],Japan famous gourmet comics introduce it a]
[Good for drinking with seafood, better than Wine]

Tawaraya proudly select this Sake, first coming in Singapore.
Limted make once a year and available only TAWARAYA in SG!

Rice: Gohyaku-mangoku(五百万石), Specially Own-farmed
Sake grade: Junmai-Ginjo(純米吟醸)
Polish: 55%
SMV: +4 (Kara-kuchi)
Acidity: 1.5
Manufacture by Kondo-shuzo(近藤酒造) Since 1865,Niigata,Gosen-City(新潟県/五泉市)

Please do not keep in a location corresponding to direct sunlight.
After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible.

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