(Super Organic) Nagano Kamiakari rice – year 2023 new

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Kamiakari is improved for eating super Nutritive rice with limited only 5 farmers allow to growth in Japan because of hard to maintain.
Biggest Nutritive Embryo part Contain Vitamin / Mineral for <anti- oxidant/boost immunity> are 3-4 times than normal.
soft texture and natural sweet rice taste as new experience brown rice.  (cook same way from another rice)
making our Tawaraya own farm with strict natural harvest (Organic, No pesticide & no fertilizer)

How to do  natural harvest?
Hand pick weed/insect, Good care farm for bringing out natural soil power.
— Highly recommend eat as brown rice, super nutritive power to your body,
– Polished as GABA rice are specially polished method only to kamiakari, easy eat with much nutrition.

**Currently special, nutritive White rice supply, eat it as white rice with big Embryo nutrition.

Please choose the polishing rate of your rice from the dropdown menu below.
・Polished as GABA Rice
・Brown rice

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・2kg: $45
・5kg: $105
・10kg: $198

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1 review for (Super Organic) Nagano Kamiakari rice – year 2023 new

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Polished as GABA Rice, is this rice polished as white rice, and tasty as same as white rice?

    • tawarayasg

      Good question! GABA rice remains nutrition part of rice, taste almost same,and get good healty part! hope you enjoy.
      thank you

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