Super food steamed barley 100g 3pack set


Have you heard “Mochi Mugi with a lot of dietary fibers”?
It is highly recommended to people who needs to have more vegetables every day and think their health and beauty.

Selected “Sanuki Wheat Daishimochi from Kagawa prefecture” has a lot of dietary fibers, iron, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and the difference with other Daishimochi, it is natural purple from anthocyanin by one of the polyphenol.

★How to eat
You can enjoy this without cooking and also we recommend to heat them up for 30 seconds with 500w by microwave.
It is quick and easy!
Also you can use this for mixing with rice, miso soup, soup, adding on salads as toppings and baking with cookies or breads.
Even it gets cold, you can enjoy the sweetness and umami from Daishimochi the texture is soft and springy.

Ingredients: Wheat (From Kagawa)

※Contain: 100g /pack × 3packs

Expiry term: 1 year from the date of manufacture

You can choose the number of sets

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・1 set: $18

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