South-Uonuma Koshihikari – Year 2023 New


New Cropped Rice available!
Please taste Full of fresh aroma & taste.

Greatest Japanese rice that
every Japanese knows the best Rice from
“South-UONUMA”,Niigata(新潟 南魚沼).
Special natural cultivate way and clean environment
makes such a Jewel rice like “Pearl”.
We proudly provide you with Tawaraya premium quality.
Produced by Okubo Farm, South-Uonuma

※Pre-Organic rice = 70% reduce pesticide than normal harvest.

You can choose the polishing rate and weight of your rice.

Please choose the polishing rate of your rice from the dropdown menu below.
・White rice
・70% polished away
・50% polished away
・Brown rice

Please choose the weight of your rice from the dropdown menu below.
・2kg: $31
・5kg: $72
・10kg: $127

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