Rice Bran Recipe

We will introduce how to make rice bran to eat,
which has high nutritional value and can be expected to reduce constipation and diet.

◎Roasted Rice Bran

Roast as soon as you receive it to prevent oxidation.
Use up the roasted bran in about a week.

Put rice bran in a frying pan and heat. (No oil, medium heat)
Please mix well with a wooden spatula to avoid burning.
When you roast it for 2 to 3 minutes, the color will change and it will have a fragrant scent.
Then it’s done.
Allow to cool, then transfer to a storage container and store in the refrigerator.

It can be mixed with stewed dishes such as curry and stew, spaghetti meat sauce,
yogurt, soy milk, milk, etc. as it is and eaten.

◎100% Rice Bran Pound Cake

Rice bran: 50g
Egg: 1
Sugar: 30g
Margarine (or butter, olive oil): 20g
Baking powder: 5g
Soy milk (or milk): 50cc

1) Mix the margarine and sugar first, then add the eggs and mix
2) Put sugar, rice bran and baking powder in it and mix
3) Add soy milk
4) Put in a heat-resistant container, microwave 500W for 4 minutes

◎ Steamed rice bran bread with microwave

Ingredients (for one mug)
Roasted bran: 35g
Water: 35g
Baking powder: A little scooped with a teaspoon (about 1/5)
Salt: a little
Sugar, Instant coffee, etc.: as much as you like
Cocoa, cinnamon, etc.: appropriate amount

1) Put rice bran and baking powder (Sugar, Instant coffee, Cocoa, Cinnamon etc.) in a mug and mix.
2) Add water and mix well.
3) Sprinkle a little salt on it.
4) 2 minutes in a 600w microwave oven. (Be careful not to spill)

If you need rice bran,
please change to “Yes”, from “Do you need rice bran? (Only for customers who order rice)” on the purchase/checkout page.

※Rice bran is usually 100g-200g/1 bag.