Half Price ! No-Additive (菊つゆ)[Kikutsuyu] Yamaroku Organic Soy sauce with Natural Dashi -500ml


Very special Soy sauce from Japan!
From Kagawa-pref, Shodo-isrand(香川県・小豆島) very small island.

The base is Yamaku natural brewed soy sauce “Kiku-Bishio”, which has a noble scent and beautiful colors made from Tanba black soybeans and Sanuki wheat.
Highly flavored Dashi soup stock of Rausu kelp and Makurazaki bonito flakes
add Tanegashima sugar, it has a slightly sweet taste.
Organic Soy sauce with Dashi is a 3-fold diluted type with rich flavor.
*Dashi: Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp

It helps your dish a lot to make Nimono, fried things, Udon, Nabe(Japanese hot pot) and more.
Truly very best Japan taste for you.

Yamaroku click here
BBC Travel click here

* Yamaroku on Youtebe

Expiry term: 1½ Year (Keep fridge after open)
Ingredients: Organic Soy Sauce, Sugar, Dashi (Katsuo bushi, Kelp)
all Natural/Organic made in Japan
※triple strength type, please mix with water 3 times for using.

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!!Best Match with Handmade Olive Somen noodles 600g (50g x 12 packs)!!

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