No-Additive Kanejo Isono (Seafood) Furikake 48g


The company “Kanejo” is established at Shizuoka prefecture in 1938.
This is a specialty shop for Sakura Ebi shrimp & Bonito.

Bonito Mania 4th president of Kanejo,
He created the Ultimate Furikake(sprinkle) he wants to eat, after his own trial and error many times,,,
It is “Wakame Furikake 48g”!

All Japan raw materials!
Chemical seasoning, extract free! (No additve)
Raw material and origin are as follows.
・Seaweed (from Naruto Strait)
・Shrimp (from Sanriku, Iwate)
・Bonito flakes (from Makurazaki, Kagoshima)
・Dried Sardine (from Kumamoto)
・Seaweed powder (from Hokkaido)

Please use for rice balls and put it on rice.
Excellent match with Udon noodle, Pasta and Fried noodle as well.

◎ Contents : 48g
◎ The expiration date : 1 year from production
※ Using Japanese domestic raw materials, Scientific seasoning additive-free!
With 3 g measuring spoon

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