Ideal Rice Scoops developed with rice professionals “Kiwami-Shamoji”


Rice Sommelier recommend!

“Kiwami-Shamoji” is a rice scoop with lots of secrets to eat cooked rice deliciously, and it was made with rice professionals.
The secret to the deliciousness of rice lies in Shari-Kiri (a method of loosening rice to release excess water) after cooking!
It was made with a focus on ease of “Shari-Kiri”.

The spatula surface has a thin tip and is angled, so you can mix rice smoothly without crushing it.
The embossed surface makes it difficult for rice to stick, and it has a beautiful design that looks like water marks.
The spatula surface has a vertically long scooping surface so that rice can be easily mixed from the bottom of the rice cooker/pot.
Since the width is slim, it is easy to handle and can be served well in a bowl.

The whole thing is long so that you can properly cook freshly cooked rice in a hot rice cooker/pan.
It has a protrusion on the handle so that the tip floats when placed, so it is hygienic and easy to use.

Japan Good design awarded item

Material details
Material: polypropylene
Heat-resistant temperature: 120℃
Size: about 67×23×219 mm
Country of Origin: Japan

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