No-Additive Japanese red sea bream (鯛-tai) mixed rice seasoning 1 pack for 2 cups rice

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The selected grocery shop “DEAN & DELUCA” sells this Taimeshi rice seasoning in Japan.

You will taste real (鯛)Tai-Meshi by Japanese chef with easy cooking.
Many pieces of Japanese Red Sea bream as you can eat Fresh Sashimi and rich mild broth from the fish was taken by stewing with much time.

The reason why they sell this seasoning, it has fresh taste from the fish on the ship and tastes real Japanese red sea bream.

You can stock this in your refrigeration and then you can cook when you don’t have time.

It is good for a gift also.

Please enjoy the real rich taste of Japanese red sea bream from Seto Island sea!

This is no additive seasoning so everyone can enjoy eating!

Ingredients: Baked Japanese Red Sea bream (from Seto Island sea), Broth from the fish, ginger, soy source, Mirin, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, deep fried tofu, dried carrots, seaweed, wheat and soybean.

Net weight: 135g

Expiry term: 180 days from the date of manufacture.
* We recommend refrigerating.

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How to Cook?

① Wash 2 cups of rice and put in the inner pot of the rice cooker.
 Add water until the water is cooked normally.
② Put the attached sauce and mix the whole.
③ Put all the attached ingredients including the juice.
④ Cook in the rice cooker as usual.
 Once cooked, remove the kelp and mix gently.

1 review for No-Additive Japanese red sea bream (鯛-tai) mixed rice seasoning 1 pack for 2 cups rice

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ice Chan

    I love the packaging!

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