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“Junmai Fujisu Vinegar” is a signature product of Iio-jozo Brewing, which has been manufactured with the same manufacturing method since it was founded in 1893.
The materials are local, rice from Tango, Kyoto (pesticide-free) and spring water from the mountains, Only that.
Luxuriously using 200g of rice, which is 5 times the value set by the JAS standard for determining food rules.
It is characterized by the flavor and rich scent of rice.
The acetic acid, which has a strong sourness and irritating odor, is 99% in general rice vinegar, but is 86% in Fujisu vinegar, so it is mellow and tender.
In addition, since the ratio of non-volatile acids such as lactic acid, succinic acid, and malic acid is high, it is hard for the acid to fly and the taste is long-lasting.

“Junmai Fujisu Vinegar” is not only sour but also has a strong and rich flavor of rice. Professional chefs and sushi chefs appreciate the added depth and richness of the dishes.

Iio-jozo, the Japanese Vinegar Brewery @ Kyoto

Ingredients: Organic Rice (from Tango, Kyoto Prefecture)
Expiry term: 2 years from the date of manufacture
* We recommend refrigerating. Please use up within 6 months after opening.

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