Way of order

  • - No annual fee

    - Easy to order from Web or Call with member No.

    - Promoption for only member.

    - Happy Birthday present (When you order on your birthday month)

How to register Membership

  • Web Please Select (YES) at "Register as a Member“

    Call Asking Our Customer Service to register membership.

    You will get TAWARAYA MEMBERSHIP CARD at first delivery. (When you change your information,please inform us.)



  • We will deliver our rice with YAMATOTA-Q-BIN service in 365 day.

    Delivery fee is ONLYS5 all over Singapore, :Send SMS With Tracking number to your mobile,trace anytimel

    You can select Convenient delivery day.(After 2 bussiness day) and time as following.

    (1) 8to 12pm (2) 12to 17pm (3) 17 to 20pm

    ★We will polish brown rice away to White rice here in SG. it means, You Cantaste fresh Special rice everyday!


  • - COD Cash/Cheque (easyest Way & CODhandling fee is freel) - Bank transfer

    - Cheque Sending

    - Credit card


    ★Yamato TA-Q-BIN calls you just before delivering, So ready to get call at the appointed time.

Web Order

  • 1, Goto Orderform.

    2, Choosing Rice and polish away), Quantity) then Click Select button.

    3, after shopping, click (Next, then set your information. (Easy to order after Membership registration)

    4, Confirm your order with preview),then click (Order)

    5, Order is done. We will send Confirmation mail to your registered mail address. (If you do NOT get the mail,please contactus.)

    -SELECT COD(Cash) -- Recommend Just exchange the Cash/When deliver Comes.easiest Way. (DO not Worry, driver prepares Change)

    -SELECT COD(Cheque)), Write name as (Wakka Singapore Pte. Ltd) and total amount, then pass to delivery staff.

    -SELECT (Bank transfer) or cheque(mail)), refer to confirmation mail to check our address and bank account.

    - SELECTCredit card) or Paypall, We will send you payment mail and follow to the instruction.

    We are pleased to haveyor Order from Call or mail Tel: 9061-6524 (Monto Fri 9:30 - 17:00) Mail: Order GotaWaray.com.sg


Brown rice

Contain maximum
Nutrition for health

50% Polishing away

Better digestice than brown rice
Enough Nutrition

70% Polishing away

Close to White rice taste
Try first step of brown rice

White rice

Polish In SG Just before Delivery
The freshness makes special flavor!

*Please select polishing rate from above 4 kinds. What is more, you can get Fresh Rice Bran (polishing Rice powder, nutrition part) for free!!

■Quality Guaranteed!!Tawaraya Rice try-out System
Pls check our rice quality with your eyes. If not good, call us with the reason in 1 week. With full of refund or exchange is apllied.