Tawaraya Rice Professional selection “Iwate special A rank Hitormarebore” SALE!


“Hitomebore” means Love at first sight.
As the name suggests, this rice is loved by many people in Japan.
It has a reputation for tenderness softness.
Even if time passes after cooking, the taste does not get worse.
The highest ranked “rice A” in the rice flavor ranking of the Japan Grain Association.
Taste, quality, etc., Rice professional Sato is the rice to recommend with confidence!

◎ Iwate Special A Hitomebore 25 kg (5 kg × 5 bags) set
1 set $ 175 (5 kg per bag $ 35)
Delivery fee will be charged separately $ 5

Of course we will deliver the new rice!
Bag adopts simple 5kg-filled plastic bag
Rice milling right before delivery, Tawaraya quality assurance!

※ We are very sorry, it is only for sale “white rice” for special sale.
There is no handling of Polishing Rate 50%, 70% and brown rice.

It is a limited sale until March 31st! !

Hope you try and taste it!