Sake set $ 288 Uniform Sale


**Sake set $ 288 Uniform Sale**

[Mitake Imo Shochu 900ml] 6btl set $288!

Use the famous water of the world heritage “Yakushima”.
This Imo Shochu can feel Refreshing taste and a faint sweet smell, goodness of water is the straight.
Name recognition is high and very popular, has been known as a premium Shochu due to the small amount of production.
Drink Shouchu and water or on the rocks, but you can enjoy even more the flavor with hot water.

Ingredients : Kogane sengan potato
Alcohol : 25%
Brewery : Mitake shu-zo (Kagoshima)

[Wakimizu JunmaiDaiginjo (with Gold leaf) 720ml] 6btl set $288!

Limited edition, JunmaiDaiginjo with Gold leaf, only this one in the world!!
Brewery that handles everything from Rice making to Sake brewing.
From there, in the fall of 2016, Junmai-Daiginjo appeared!
Aroma reminiscent of fruit, Smooth, yet crisp and refreshing taste of Sake.
Top of the Wakimizu series.

Polished rate : 50%
SMV : +2
Brewery : Kubikishuzo, Niigata

[SUNTORY Whisky The Chita 700ml] 4btl set $288!

This is a light whisky with subtle notes of mint, honey and wood spice.
This single grain whisky was made with diverse unblended whisky brewing techniques and master craftsmanship developed over many years at the Chita Distillery in Aichi Prefecture.
It features a light taste and delicately sweet fragrance.

How to drink Recommended,
Chita Whisky with soda / on the rock

Alcohol Content : 43 % Vol

Hope you try and taste it!