Notification of Delivery company change


From August 2018, We changed the delivery company from Yamato Corporation to Airpak,
which has the most proven service in all of Asia.

The merits that were not found in Yamato are as follows.
• Send SMS for confirmation before delivery.
• From the Shipment number described in SMS,
the exact state of the item can be checked from your side.
Delivery status check: click here
• It is possible to designate receipt of locker all over Singapore when designating redelivery.
Locker installation location
click here

The changes are as follows.

●Delivery time
• Monday – Friday “9:00-14:00” or “14:00-18:00” in two categories
• Saturday “9:00-14:00”
• Sunday / public holiday No delivery
※ Please refresh your browser if the delivery time remains in the previous time zone during Web ordering.

● In case of absence, delivery method can be selected from the following 3 types.
① Receiving with locker (Locker selection is customer’s choice according to SMS)
② Place in front of the door of your home (Please specify when calling from a deliverymen)
③ Redelivery to your home
※ Locker selection / Place in front of your home door delivery,
Please note that you can not use it if you have chosen to receive with “cash on delivery”.

The delivery fee is $ 5 and no change,
cash on delivery / credit card fee will continue to be free.

※※※Driver does not have change. Please prepare the price so that there is no fishing ※※※

We will realize more delivery quality than ever,
so please continue your support in the future!

Thank you.