[Natural Organic Kouno-Tori Rice] New release special Sale!


Organic rice which we had dealt with in the past was only
“[Pure Organic] Yamagata Tsuyahime ”
It has joined a new ” Natural Organic Kouno-Tori Rice “!

◇ New release ” Natural Organic Kouno-Tori Rice ” Sale! ! ◇
 (We will also face-to-face sales at Japanese Association!)

The Famous Japanese Happiness bird (Kouno tori) means bringing happy to you.
The bird is sensitive for environment hazard so almost extinct.
The Place Tajima, Hyogo area make prepare good environment with agriculture for Kouno tori survive.
(now many bird there!!)
The rice comes the place with No pesticide,
no chemical fertilizer with Natural Organic agriculture method.
What is more, the place adopted (Global-GAP),
for national strict agricultural rule,
it means the most safety rice for human,
animal and environment.
(It is only the place in Japan and first time to export)
Tawaraya rice sommelier recommend to you as
Healthy best, Safety best. and Taste best rice.
(Great for eating with Brown rice!)

※Kobe Univ Dr Hotta said
[Great taste with such a natural organic method rice for human and environment.]

Seasonal special price!
2KG retail price $40 → Now $33!!
5KG retail price $80 → Now $78!!

※ Japanese society club shop also on sale!
July 7th(Sat) and 8th(Sun) we will face face to face sale!
We hope to see you there!!

Hope you try and taste it!
Thank you!