Nagano’s “Natural cultivation (no pesticide • non-fertilizer) Rice and Mochi(rice cake)” Now on Sale!


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“Nagano Kamiakari” and “Organic Mochi (Shirake mochi) 50g*10pc”
It is a natural cultivation (no pesticide · non-fertilized) at the Tawaraya company’s farm in Nagano Ina City.
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◇” Nagano Kamiakari ”
Kamiakari is improved for eating Brown rice, as the nutrition is much more than normal.
Soft and natural sweet rice taste for new experience brown rice.
Making our tawaraya own farm with strict natural harvest
(Organic, No pesticide & no fertilizer)
It’s for all Brown rice lover and brown rice eating trial.

◎ [Natural agri (Organic,no pesticide) Nagano Kamiakari]
Farmer: Wakka Agri
2KG retail price $38
5KG retail price $88

◇” Organic Mochi (Shirake mochi) 50g*10pc ”
From Nagano Ina historical kind rice, Shirake mochi.
Very hard to harvest, so taste much better than others.
Great sickness and natural sweetness.

◎ [Organic Mochi (Shirake mochi) 50g*10pc – 500g]
50g* 10pc individual vacuumed pack
expiry: 31th Dec 2019

Regular price 1 bag $ 26
For in-house farm cultivation, sales limited quantities only
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