Kyushu Jukkokumai (ten grain rice) 2pkt set SALE!


Normal Price 1pkt $18 but NOW “2pkt” $17 only!!!
※Because the expiration date is until next March, we will sell at this price!

The ‘‘Kyushu Jukkokumai (ten grain rice)’’ have been rich in nutrients such as
dietary fiber and minerals, etc., it’s very healthy.

Just Cook together with rice, very easy!
Black rice will be the color, such as the Festive red rice (赤飯sekihan).
(It is a polyphenol effect of black rice. It’s good for our health!)
It looks beautiful and delicious.

Expiry term: March 2018
Ingredients: Rolled barley / Sprouted brown rice / Glutinous brown rice/
Red rice / Black rice / Green rice / Non glutinous husked foxtail millet/
glutinous millet / glutinous husked foxtail millet / Pearl barley
Internal capacity: 150g (25gx6)

※all Natural/Organic made in Japan