“Special Organic Brown Rice Puff” “Naturally Organic grown Kamiakari brown rice amazake” now on Sale!


Kamiakari is improved for eating Brown rice,
as the nutrition is much more than normal.
It is our most popular product that has been ordered from many people since its release.
Because it is a pesticide-free, fertilizer-free cultivation, so you can eat it with confidence.

“Special Organic Brown Rice Puff” is made so that Kamiakari can be eaten more easily.
Gluten free.
Completely additive-free.
So you can use it for Ingredients for making sweets, cereals and salads.
Of course, it is delicious to eat as it is!

Non-alcoholic koji amazake made with Kamiakari brown rice.
“Naturally Organic grown Kamiakari brown rice amazake”!
The cultivation method of the material, Kamiakari is completely fertilizer-free and pesticide-free (natural cultivation) using only the pure water of the Southern Alps in Nagano prefecture, Japan. There is no risk of residual pesticides. The super-evolved version of ordinary Amazake is Kamiakari brown rice Amazake.
“Eat amazake” with plenty of grain.
A new texture with moderate sweetness and fragrant flavor like grain.
Popular with children, we recommended to drink it with milk or soy milk.

◎Special Organic Brown Rice Puff 55g x 2pcs set $21
Expiration date: November 20, 2020

◎Naturally Organic grown Kamiakari brown rice amazake 750g  $37
Ingredients: Brown rice (from Kamiina)・Rice koji (from Kamiina)
Expiration date: November 29, 2020
Non-alcoholic koji amazake

※ limited quantity items.

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