If you are ordering please proceed to here.

If you are ordering please proceed to here.


Premium Hokkaido rice set (First order Only)
Premium Hokkaido rice set (First order Only)

Light taste & less sticky

[Nanatsuboshi] (ななつぼし)

Gold medal, best grade sweetness [Yumepirika] (ゆめぴりか)

both of rice are from Hokkaido selected in special farms.

Now you can order the 2KG set (Total 4KG) with Special limited price!

You can select polishing rate same for both

We are sure their special taste is new experience to you!

Nanatsuboshi 2KG + Yumepirika 2KG

Total 4KG   SGD 39

※ First order limited

Niigata Koshihikari (Pre-Organic)
Niigata Koshihikari (Pre-Organic)


Mr. Honma/Kurotori (黒鳥、新潟)

2kg SGD 18

5Kg SGD 44

1OKg SGD 85

Limited QTY price! The best seller rice in Japan, Koshihikari. Mr. Honma farming one of best nutrition soil place, Kurotori.

this soil makes specialty quality Koshihikari with good sweet taste.

Must try for sure of your satisfaction!

Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi (Pre-Organic)
Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi (Pre-Organic)


Mr. Okawa/ Tomamae (苫前、北海道)

2kg SGD 22

5Kg SGD 53

10Kg SGD 99

<Must safe, and great taste is our mission>

Mr. Okawa farming Tomamae, just north of Sapporo. His Nanatsuboshi is Light taste, Less sticky and Rich aroma.

extracts other ingredients taste.

Best for onigiri, bento and Most of Hokkaido sushi chef select this one.

Hokkaido Yumepirika (Pre-organic)
Hokkaido Yumepirika (Pre-organic)


Mr. Naruse / Niseko (ニセコ、北海道)

2kg SGD 27

5Kg SGD 64

10Kg SGD 119

Quite famous in Japan and Best grade rice from Hokkaido. Mr. Naruse specialty farming Yumepirika looks like white shiny snow. this full flavor is stronger than Koshihikari. Please Eat as is only white Rice.

You’ll have NEW EXPERIENCE on your Tongue!

South-Uonuma Koshihikari (Pre-organic)
South-Uonuma Koshihikari (Pre-organic)


Mr.Okubo/ South-Uonuma (南魚沼、新潟)

2kg SGD 31

5Kg SGD 72

10Kg SGD 127

World best rice farming place that every Japanese knows the greatest Rice from “South-UONUMA” part of Niigata.

Mr. Okubo farming with special natural cultivate way, Making “JEWEL Rice’ like Pearl.

Available only TAWARAYA in SG!

Yamagata Tsuyahime (100% Pure organic)
Yamagata Tsuyahime (100% Pure organic)



2kg SGD 38

5Kg SGD 88

10Kg SGD 156

100% Pure Organic.

NO chemical fertilizer, pesticide using during growth. Mr Sugawara is one of most famous farmer at Yamagata and certified Tsuyahime

(2PS: Shiny Queen) Producer.

Best Pure Organic rice in Japan.

It is For your family/children healthy life, Suites for Brown Rice cooking.

Hokkaido Hakucho-Mochi (Pre-organic)
Hokkaido Hakucho-Mochi (Pre-organic)


Furen (風連、北海道)

2kg SGD 24
5kg SGD 58
10kg SGD 112

Hokkaido is most famous place to make glutinous rice (糯米) in Japan.
Our fresh one is good for making Rice-cake &
Rice-dumplings wrapped in bamboo-leaves 「粽」.
Please enjoy taste & health perfection with our rice!
Producted by Furen (風連), Hokkaido
*Pre-Organic rice

Hoshi-toge Niigata Koshihikari 2KG -Super Rare (Pre-organic)
Hoshi-toge Niigata Koshihikari 2KG -Super Rare (Pre-organic)


Mr. Yokoo /Hoshi-toge (星峠、新潟)

2kg SGD 45

It is from best of best Rice farm scenery in Japan. called Hoshi-toge in Niigata, Japan.

Tawaraya is cooperate with this project that protect hoshi-toge!


The rice with 2kg special white rice (good for present)

Taste and join the preserve the Japan traditional scenery by eating the Hoshi-toge rice!

※Tawaraya charity to selling profit of this rice.


Aichi Roasted Natural Seaweed 3 bags set!
Aichi Roasted Natural Seaweed 3 bags set!

Roasted Natural Sea weed from Aichi Japan.

tateishi Nori


This seaweed has gained overwhelming support from the sushi shop in the Kanto area.

No additive, no additional taste but it’s really tasty!

natural sea flavor and crisp.

I promise you never taste the amazing sea weed which never tasted.

in Tawaraya Original package .

※Contain: 10pcs (10cm x 20cm) * 3 packs.

Organic Umeboshi made in Niigata
Organic Umeboshi made in Niigata

The Super Healthy Food Umeboshi (pickled plum). Umeboshi plums are nicknamed “Edible Health”.

This umeboshi is the “Real umeboshi”.

The owner of the plum tree, Mr. Hisashi Murayama inherited his plum trees (60 to 70 years old) from the previous generation and he carefully preserves them.

The annual harvest season is from mid-June to early July.

The owner picks each plum from the tree together with his wife and this hand picking process is truly tough work.

Since plums easily lose their freshness due to their strong transpiration quality, they need to be quickly processed and sold shortly after each harvest.

The freshness and deliciousness of the Murayama agricultural farm plums is their selling point.

(Additive-free and no chemical seasoning used, naturally colored with Japanese basil and produced through a health oriented process)

These carefully cultivated pesticide-free plums have such an impactful sourness that it will awake every cell in the body.

※Contents: 220g


[Tsurubi-shio] Organic Soy sauce -500ml
[Tsurubi-shio] Organic Soy sauce -500ml

Tawaraya Proudly provide best of best soy sauce from Kagawa prefacture, Shoudo-island (香川県 小豆島), Japan, called [Tsurubi-Shio (鶴醤)]

It is using totally natural ingredients (NO any artificial things) and takes JPN traditional way to make it total more than 4 years.

Mild fragrance and deep taste, and good for your body.


It is Just soy sauce but your dish will drastically change!!

Expiry term: 2 Years before open (Keep fridge after open)

Ingredients: Soy (speciality selected), Hokkaido Wheat, Sea salt, all Natural/Organic made in Japan

[Kikutsuyu] Organic Soy sauce with Dashi -500ml
[Kikutsuyu] Organic Soy sauce with Dashi -500ml

Very special Soy sauce from Japan!

From Kagawa-pref, Shodo-isrand (香川県・小豆島) very small island. Organic soy sauce with Dashi(Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp).

It helps your dish a lot to make Nimono, fried things, Udon, Nabe(Japanese hot pot) or so.

Truly very best Japan taste for you.

Detail(Japanese) : http://yama-roku.net/product/04-kikutsuyu.html

Expiry term: 1½ Year (Keep fridge after open)

Ingredients: Organic Soy Sauce, Sugar, Dashi (Katsuo bushi, Kelp)

all Natural/Organic made in Japan

※triple strength type,

pls mix with water 3 times for using.

If you are ordering please proceed to here.