Nagano’s “Natural cultivation (no pesticide • non-fertilizer) Rice and Mochi(rice cake)” Now on Sale!

To our handling merchandise, 2 items newly added! “Nagano Kamiakari” and “Organic Mochi (Shirake mochi) 50g*10pc” It is a natural cultivation (no pesticide · non-fertilized) at the Tawaraya company’s farm in Nagano Ina City. I will recommend with confidence! ◇” Nagano Kamiakari ” Kamiakari is improved for eating Brown rice, as the nutrition is much more

Notification of Delivery company change

From August 2018, We changed the delivery company from Yamato Corporation to Airpak, which has the most proven service in all of Asia. The merits that were not found in Yamato are as follows. • Send SMS for confirmation before delivery. • From the Shipment number described in SMS, the exact state of the

Season’s Greetings and A Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you for all your support of last year and continuous help for New Year. We’re so glad to have you as a customers and look forward to serving you in the future. May the New Year turn out to be the happiest and the best for you. Tawaraya Sato

New Cropped Hakucho-Mochi (Glutinous rice) 2Kg Special Sale!

Hokkaido ‘s glutinous rice “Hakuchou mochi” New Cropped rice arrived now! Hokkaido is most famous place to make glutinous rice(糯米) in Japan. This glutinous rice can be deliciously cooked with a rice cooker. Long-lasting softness, stickiness is strong feature. In Japan, rice cakes, red rice, Daifuku(Japanese sweets) etc. are made in glutinous rice. Please enjoy

[South-Uonuma Koshihikari] 2018 New Rice Arrived!!

New rice of “Koshihikari from Minamionuma” arrived! Please enjoy delicious new rice in 2018! [Niigata Koshihikari] [South-Uonuma Koshihikari] will deliver the NEW Rice now. Order click here Others will also be delivered to new rice as soon as arrival. We appreciate your patience as we wait for a while.

[Natural Organic Kouno-Tori Rice] New release special Sale!

Organic rice which we had dealt with in the past was only “[Pure Organic] Yamagata Tsuyahime ” It has joined a new ” Natural Organic Kouno-Tori Rice “! ◇ New release ” Natural Organic Kouno-Tori Rice ” Sale! ! ◇  (We will also face-to-face sales at Japanese Association!) The Famous Japanese Happiness bird (Kouno tori)

Natural spring water Shinano Yusui信濃湧水

Shinano Yusui delivers the “fine quality” natural spring water from the Japanese Northern Alps at the same “fair price” as in Japan, with proper “service system” to our customers. We will “provide satisfaction earnestly and sincerely” to be loved by our customers for years to come. Japanese are more accustomed to ultra-soft water of hardness

[KANEJYO Wakame Furikake sprinkle 48g 2bag set] New release trial Sale

The company “Kanejyo” is established at Shizuoka prefecture in 1938. This is a specialty shop for Sakura Ebi shrimp & Bonito. Bonito Mania 4th president of Kanejyo, He created the Ultimate Furikake(sprinkle) he wants to eat, after his own trial and error many times,,, It is “Wakame Furikake 48g”! All domestic raw materials! Chemical seasoning,

We have renewed our website

Thank you for visiting the Tawaraya website. We have recently renewed our website. With this renewal, we can provide appropriate information online via the web. We will keep enhancing and updating the information on the website. Thank you for your understanding and for your continuous support.

Safe Rice Ceriticate!

TAWARAYA is cheked Radiation Analysis by SG/JP government and oficial authorized center strictly as double check.