Cooking rice

  • It is totally different cooking style between Japanese rice and Jasmine rice. So please follow this instruction for Japanese white rice with rice cooker.

  • 1 Prepare Rice cooker.

    Good rice cooker makes good cooking.

  • 2 Prepare Good rice.

    TAWARAYA rice is best for fresh taste

  • 3 Measure rice

    Measure amount rice and accurately, then put to pot or bowl.

  • 4 Wash

    Wash gently 3 or 4 times with changing water. (Just massage and stir 40sec each)

  • 5 Prepare to cook

    Let's put it rice cooker's pot, and put water following cooker's instruction. (usually Rice:water is 1:1)
    ★ Using pullified or natural water,it makes pure taste.

  • 6 Sinking rice

    Wait for 30min before push the cooking botton.
    Sinking rice into water is knack of brilliant rice.
    After 30min let's push the cooking botton!!

  • 7 Steam time

    After finish cooking, wait for 10min with No open the rid. It is for steam throughly.

Keep fresh taste


Before cooking

Rice is [Perishable], need to avoid hot and humid place. otherwise, makes less taste and easy to get insects... Best storage place is Fridge!

We highly recommend rice into pet bottle.

(5KG rice to 3 of 1.5L pet bottle)

For keep Best taste, Please storage rice to Fridge

After cooking

Put Hot/Warm rice into plastic container or food wrap. then put it Freezer just after cooking as HOT!

When you want to eat, use Microwave to quick reheat. The knack is putting freezer when rice is still Hot/Warm.

Not after getting cold.