We are proud of Our Premium rice from Japan. For keeping freshness and realizing best taste. importing and storing with Cold storage(bellow 15 degree) and polish brown rice away to White rice in SG just before delivering. Fresh is key of good taste. it will make you be intrue Japan!

Do you think rice makes fat? It is not true. Japanese Rice is best healthy diet food Good digestion(soft texture) and essential of keep body. We are dealing with 100% Organic Japanese rice. and checked no radiation affected. For your helth-Conscious.We can provide4kinds of polishing rate, such as Brown rice, 50% polish away, 70% polish away, and White rice. (Free Bran available) Our Official Japanese rice Sommelier are pleasure to answer all about ricel

Do not need carry heavy rice bag anymore. We are delivering rice to your Convenient place & time by airpac express!

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